Monday, January 4, 2010

Pivot 2010

The old year has gone out quietly if not chased out by most! General consensus holds the past year as one of grueling trials…

And now we begin anew. Hopefully the coming year will hold more good than naught!

We pivot, do we not? One moment may be bad, the next good. We wish, we dream, we hope. We fear, we scream, we mope. One moment pivots into the next. What does a moment hold? What good can come in a second?

In the twinkling of an eye the Lord will return.

Words spoken millennia ago will take shape in front of our very minds and hold eternity in its grasp, one second lost, the next everlasting.
Each moment is a pivot in time, becoming a collection of choreography making one grand ballet. A dancer takes center stage for a time and pirouettes out to another coming in, one shines bright and then fades as another lights.

Now is the time to pivot and pirouette, the finale is almost here and the party will soon begin;

may it be in 2010.

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