Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Leading a homeschool group or want to?

A few months ago some homeschool blogger pals asked for advice from other group leaders.  I was pleased to offer my two cents and they included it in their new and cool ebook!

If you are looking for great Bible-based information on how to lead a  homeschool group, this is it folks.  Kristen and Denise are veterans in their field.  They write in such a refreshing manner you will love reading this.  It's chock full of leadership advice.

Here's a link to purchase the ebook.  You can find their blog in my list here if you'd like to visit.  Tell them I sent you, it will bless them!


(and if you want to start a homeschool group, email me, I'd love to help you)

One by One: Homeschool Group Leaders Guide to Motivating Members

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