Tuesday, December 29, 2009

INTERPOL, your neighborhood cop?

Yesterday I heard that Executive Order 12425 was amended twelve days ago.

Executive Order 12425 was signed by President Reagan in 1983 giving INTERPOL limited access to US soil retaining sovereignty for us here. In the vernacular that means INTERPOL could not police a US citizen on our land without adhering to the Constitution and our procedures... "innocent until proven guilty" among them and "due process".

Now that it's been amended, the international police organization, INTERPOL, can operate and does already operate on our soil in a manner of their choosing without regard for our laws and Constitution. This means they have more rights over us than the FBI and have jurisdiction over the FBI, and other of our law enforcement organizations.

For homeschoolers concerned about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, this is not a good thing, not to mention all the other implications for us as Americans. We no longer retain our identity as Americans, we are no longer our own country with our own rights and our own police force.

I wonder if we'll be given handbooks about what we can and cannot do under international law in our home towns...

What say you, America?

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