About Us

We are homeschoolers and writers. We've been supporting and advocating for the homeschool community in Massachusetts since 1992. Paul writes poetry in the Hebraic style and I write novels and other snippets of life. I am also an author and editor for MuseItUp Publishing.

We spent a few years in the public school system until we had no where else to turn for the safety, and godly nurturing of our child's heart.  Originally we were prejudiced against homeschooling, thinking that was only for those granola kind of people who live in California...  sad, I know, 'tis true.  What we found was a whole world of people who are so loving and kind and very savvy about, well, everything. 

Since then, we've raised our other two children on homeschool and our oldest has graduated college and begun grad school, her own business and a full time job.  Her college pushed her to the top of the list when they found out she was homeschooled and offered her a scholarship. 

We are also writers.  Paul writes Hebraic poetry which is patterned.  I'll be posting his poem on snowflakes come winter this year.  I write novels, short stories, the occaisional cookbook, memoir and devotionals.  I haven't branched into selling my curriculum but I write it for the children for their bible classes and writing classes.

We've been married since 1993.  I work at home and Paul works as a receiver at a company in Braintree.

We are committed to helping people homeschool so if you have any questions, please ask away;

and drop in often, you might find anything here!