Friday, January 22, 2010

Angels Across the Ocean

Relief efforts in Haiti are intense; our nation is mobilized. It’s been many days since the first quake hit and the time is short for rescuing folks alive.

The news is heartbreaking. Twenty six fat little faces turn hopefully to the camera and I want to reach through the television and pick them all up and sing them a lullaby. They survived in an orphanage on the outskirts of Port Au Prince, now waiting for their American adoptive parents to bring them home early. Relief workers haven’t reached them yet and they are out of formula. I'm praying for them to stay chubby and smiling, at least they are unharmed. Bless the hearts of their caretakers, they are not collecting an earthly paycheck.

A friend’s husband has been called to Haiti to provide medical services, thank God and that family.

A neighbor tells us the woman I said hello to last week is on the list of the dead. She was here laughing one day and the next on a plane to her homeland, the eternal one. I remember her face so clearly; calm, confident, happy. She couldn’t have known, or perhaps she did.

It seems silly to worry about dripping faucets in my house when blood is spilling in Haiti, just down the street from us really. Wasn’t it last week I was chatting with a Facebook friend in Port Au Prince?

I have to think God is feeding the survivors and bringing them water until they are rescued. He did it for Elijah, He will do it again.

My friend's husband is with Partners in Health which I've heard is very good if you want a place to donate, also the Salvation Army. Refugees are arriving in Boston - there will be many opportunities to serve locally.


  1. Good point about the refugees. I wonder which cities they will be going to the most? I also donated through Heifer International ( This is an amazing nonprofit that supplies animals to families to try and get them to be self-sufficient eventually (cows, goats, chicks, and so on). They were working with farmers in Haiti before the earthquake, so they are established there. Just another great organization people can give to. :)

    Thanks for the information,

  2. Excellent, Margo. Thanks!

    I'm posting another non-profit soon - waiting for a video from them.



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