Saturday, July 10, 2010

Get down & funky, change is in the air!

For a few months now I've been comtemplating a new blog/website.  This first one started out late last December as a writing/homeschool/devotional blog.  I know some of you prefer reading more about writing while others prefer reading more about the homeschool journey with God.  So... what's a writer to do?  Twist my arm, why don't ya!  ;) By the way, Get Down, Get Funky is a country western line dance, who knew?!  Little bit of trivia to brighten up your day. 

This post is the official blog announcement of my new blog Boston daydreaming...  You will notice the name is very similar.  When Paul and I chose the title for Boston dreaming..., we had in mind that God reveals things to us in our every day lives because he loves us and wants to communicate with us.  Since my writing is naturally an extension of that, I wanted to keep in the same line and keep the branding united. 

I love C.S. Lewis' answer when someone asked about his writing process.  He said he saw a faun in his mind one day and wrote about it on paper.  From that we have the Chronicles of Narnia and the world is far richer for it.  If I can take dictation half as well as he did, I'll be so thrilled when I stand before the Lord.

So what does this mean?  This blog will continue as is minus the writing tips which will be on the writing blog.  We'd like to get some of you homeschooling pros on here for interviews sometime soon.  It's human nature to be curious about others, we are social creatures at heart, so please share.  Send us an email if you'd like to participate, or comment on this post.  Paul and I will continue blogging here about the highs and lows and political happenings in the homeschool community.  We will also continue blogging about Jesus and the myriad ways he makes himself the Hero in our lives.

We've added a few things that we think are kind of cool.  There is a news feed with information on taglines for homeschool, including HSLDA, which, as you know, is helping that Swedish boy reunite with his parents.  There's a Facebook page for updates on what's going on in the courts if you want to stay connected with that. 

The other thing we've added is a National Geographic vidio gadget at the bottom of this page.  Very fun!  You'll see at the top, under the Boston photo, there some new pages.  The "About Us" will eventually have our contact information.  Also we've added a page for my published works and a page for my editorial services.  The links page is divided up into categories so you can find things easier.  If there's a category you'd like to see, please let us know. 

If you'd like to exchange links with us (our link on your page/yours on our page), we're happy to do that.  We also have a section for the Dedham Area Homeschool Group's websites. 

That's the scoop, mi amigos!  Have a great week!   many blessings, Karen  :)


  1. Best wishes with your new blog site! I'm also a big fan of C.S.Lewis.

  2. Will add your new blog to my list of followed blogs.


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