Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WOW! Women on Writing Fan of the Week and meet my boss, Lea Schizas

Hi everyone, WOW! honored me this week by making me their fan of the week. Wow! Women on Writing is a free ezine and blog that is chock full of writing advice and resources. It’s a place where writers and readers can connect. I’ve found many useful things through them and their quarterly writing contests are fun. If you have a moment please check out my bio and pics.

* * * *
When Lea Schizas mentioned she was looking for editors, I shot my hand up instantly. She is well known and doubly respected in Writing World as an author and mentor devoting her time and talent to helping writers. Lea's people-oriented attitude and her ethical business practices are refreshing. My colleagues are just as wonderful and our authors are superb. Please check out Lea’s interview with Rosanne Dowell.


  1. Congratulations, Karen, for being honored by WOW! this week. I'll be looking forward to reading about your experience in a future post! Write on!

  2. Hey everyone, the link's taking you to WOW! on facebook but then you have to go to the discussion page. Technology...ugh! ;) It worked last week, lol!

  3. Karen, thanks for the shout out to WOW! :) Keep on doing the wonderful things you are doing. :) Margo

  4. CONGRATS on your WOW! Fan of the Week honor.


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