Friday, May 7, 2010

Boston Fire Department – Ladder 16 – God’s answer in time of need!

Last Friday, the girls and I were running frantically. They had to catch a bus in downtown Boston to go on their New York chorus tour with the Boston Children’s Chorus. We had all morning to get last minute things done, but time slipped through our fingers like water in a seive. Instead of our planned trip to Walmart about 40 miles away, we decided to run to Walgreen’s instead since it’s down the street, saving us at least an hour and a half. God forbid we were late, they’d be left behind and I’d win the Mother of the Year Award… not!

I parked and had my list ready. Elizabeth jumped out of the back seat chattering a mile a minute and asking me four questions in a row. I reminded myself to pay attention to what I was doing but I was losing fast! I heard the beeping, really I did, but I thought that was because the door was open.

I leaned over to lock the back door and still listening to her intently, made sure my door was locked and slammed the door shut at the same time Molly locked and shut her door. Elizabeth was quizzing me waiting for an answer but I couldn’t respond realizing the car keys were in the ignition. Not just my key but Paul’s as well! Oh my gosh! It was after noon, we had to be half an hour away by 1:30. The logistics were not working here, not by a long shot.

I told Elizabeth to check the back to see if it was locked and of course, it was. My first thought, call the Fire Department. My second thought, freak out. I stood there wondering if I should go into Walgreens to use their phone and thinking how silly because I had my cell. Should I call Paul? What could he do? Even if he could get there before 1:00, his key was in the car, too!

Just then like a dream, a fire truck drove through the parking lot, in slow motion. The only thing missing was the cool music in the back ground. I didn’t even think about it, I raised my hand for help. The driver waved back and I thought, oh no, he’s going to drive away! I ran through the lot waving him down and he pulled over grinning. I blurted our dilemma and a fireman jumped out to help, while the driver pulled the truck around. God supplied our knights in shining armor. Perhaps my first thought was really God telling me the fire department was on the way, he’d met our need before we knew we had one! Within minutes they had my keys in my hand while the girls and I watched in complete awe.

The whole saving thing is quite heady. The firemen were so cool and savvy, I contemplated inviting them over for tea to meet my marriageable daughter. We got to the bus in time and the girls buzzed about it to all of their friends. We’re still glowing from the miracle of it all.

Thank you, Ladder 16, thanks for the rescue and proving to my teens that firemen are heroes. The Boston Fire Department is the best! We’ll be planning that homeschool field trip soon!


  1. Ladder 16 saved the day! How cool! Thanks for sharing the story Karen.

  2. Susanne, they were great! I wrote that Walmart is 40 miles, only 40 minutes (I need an editor, lol!). Thank goodness Walgreens is closer. Sent a thank you note to the Fire Department.


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