Thursday, February 11, 2010

There's No Place Like Dad

By Wednesday I am known to my children as the Wicked Witch of the West… that’s because they tire easily of the constant drone. Get out of bed… Get your school work started… Eat breakfast… Some days it’s not pretty, folks. Ah well, it’s a mother’s job and someone’s gotta do it. Never mind they may ignore me in my golden years or need therapy before 30… and I am mild, really I am!

Tonight is History Night in our homeschool group. Each child does a presentation on their current fave historical figure in costume. Fun! But last night I was no longer Mom but WWW… What’s a mother to do but call in the Principal, right? It went something like this… “I am getting nowhere quick, AGAIN. Do you think you can help them on this assignment before I confiscate electronics and threaten them with life imprisonment, AGAIN?” through clenched teeth, of course, with current read in hand ready to retreat to my room for some R & R.

Dad to the rescue, thank God.

After ten minutes there were two teen smiling faces (my husband deals in the miraculous, obviously) and he had taken their angst fueled apathy and turned their reports into the easiest thing in the world, even I was taking notes.

They are excited, thrilled, exultant even, (well almost…) to share their cool stories with their homeschool pals. They are animated and practicing, studying rigorously on the net, smiling confidently since they no longer have to spend all day today to prepare last minute…. And I get to help with outfits and play dress up, you know, the easy stuff.

Did I say my husband deals in the miraculous?

Whew. It should be a good night. I’ll have my darling Dorothy bow and ruby slippers back on by Monday. Thanks, Paul!

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  1. I found your blog with your comment on mine. I love this post and the History night idea for your homeschool group. Thanks for sharing!

    Margo Dill


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