Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Sprint in the Proverbial Park

This week has gotten by me… There was much to do, of course, but I am better at eeking out reflection time than this. I ran and ran and ran and found myself so winded I had to sit for a long time. What am I doing? Why do I do it? What can I do instead? Is this really necessary?

We honed our schedule this week and are moving into greater productivity in our homeschool. But we'll burn out unless I schedule time to sit alone, quiet, thinking, not thinking, processing, knowing or unknowingly.

Then I saw the mirrors… It’s like the hall of mirrors at the amusement park. In front of you is a mirror and behind you is another and to your side it looks like a path and you stare at your reflection wondering if your eyes are playing tricks on you.

I am lost in my own personal hall of mirrors.

How do I get out? (The physical one is a walk in the park by comparison.)

I turn to God and bleakly ask for help.

In moments I’m transported above it looking down on the silly maze and see the path so clearly.

The answer isn’t in avoiding the maze but being able to duck in and out as necessary to accomplish whatever I need to and then jump out. The problem comes when I stay in mirror land and the only reflection is mine.

We all do it. It’s life. But there are secret doors in that maze, I tell you. Here’s to looking down from His heavenly view point.

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