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Dr. Patrick Heron, author of The Return of the Antichrist - Part Two of interview

Hi everyone, this is Part Two of the interview with Dr. Patrick Heron. Links for Patrick are below with his email.  Please feel free to post questions here for everyone else to read as well.  Patrick will stop in and answer them this weekend.  Thanks for joining us!  Enjoy!

ksm: It’s interesting that you mentioned in the last answer that we are being desensitized to abnormal beings by different media in preparation for the End Times. There are many books like Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and the Harry Potter series that have made sizeable impact in bookstores and movie theaters specifically targeted to youth. Did you anticipate this and do you think they are written from fact or purely coincidental?

Patrick: It is not surprising that there are books becoming popular which provide half-truths and are designed to muddy the water and confuse people so that they cannot separate truth from error. Look at the Twilight books and movies and how successful they are with young readers. Vampire movies and TV programs portray evil as being good and good as evil and seem to be making vampirism mainstream. In the days of Noah, we are told by Enoch that they drank human blood. So it is again coming full-circle.

This is another prophecy coming to pass as we are expressly told that in the Last Days, evil will be viewed as good and good will be seen as evil. Further proof, as if we needed it, that we are indeed in the end game of this particular age.

ksm: One of our reader questions is “How should we as Christians prepare for the coming events in your research?”

Patrick: I don’t know if there is anything to prepare for. No point in packing bags. We won’t be taking our belongings and possessions with us. I guess we just wait patiently for the Lord from heaven and do our bit to fulfill our potential in the meantime. We all have our part to play so just get busy doing it. I can’t do your job and you can’t do mine. So use the talent God gave you as you will have to account for it very soon. All one needs to do is ask for a ‘door of utterance’ to speak the word to someone. Then you will find yourself chatting before you know it. It works for me all the time. And it is great to have a book you can give to someone knowing that the Word therein might cause them to become a believer. So you cast your bread upon the waters, and the Word never comes back void. Anyone can do this. Try it.

ksm: What do you want readers to take from your writing? What do you want us to understand and why?

Patrick: Long story short, you cannot give the flu to someone else unless you have it. I want folks to read this material first. Then when you see what’s about to unfold, you will share it with others because you will want to save them from the horrendous events that will pertain in the near coming Apocalypse. I believe my books make this stuff real and as a result you cannot but want to warn others about it. We can save as many as possible before the gathering together of the Church, but then there are those believers who will come to Christ during the Tribulation. I want my writings to be a legacy for those who are left behind. In my recent eBook, I point out the terrible torture and harm and death and bloodshed that will be visited on those Christians because of their faith and refusal to bow the knee to the governments in those days. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. I want to save people now while there is still time and I want to leave some hope for those who are to come after. This is the parable of the Ten Virgins. Five wise and five foolish. The Church of the Body represents the wise virgins. Those who come to God and Christ during the Tribulation are the unwise. It’s in the book.

ksm: Two questions that came in from our readers are, “What’s your take on the apostasy of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 and the translation of the word ‘apostasy’”.

Patrick: Glad you asked me that. I have quite an in depth chapter on precisely this in The Return of the Antichrist. This word, apostasia, is translated “depart” in the first two Bibles translated into English. This is absolutely correct. The man of sin cannot be revealed until there is first a “departure”. This is speaking of the gathering together of the saints or what you Americans call, the Rapture. We must go before the Tribulation begins. This is why Paul told us three different times that we are ‘saved from the coming wrath.’ Jesus said the same in John 14:1-4. We are the light of the world. When the light is departed, then the darkness will emerge. We are the five wise virgins. When we enter into the marriage feast with the bridegroom, then the door is shut. But the chapter I have on this nails it big-time.

ksm: We had an email conversation a few years ago when you told me you were preparing to release an eBook, The Return of the Antichrist. At the time eBooks were considered experimental. Now, of course, there are whole companies designed around them. You are used to being a pioneer. Are you considering putting all of your books into eBook format? And if so, when will they be available?

Patrick: Well the eBook has sold quite well over the past year. About 3,000 folks downloaded it and I presume they would email it to others as well. I have no plans to put my other books out as eBooks but maybe that is something I should consider. I have had the book downloaded in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kirgizstan, Singapore, Bangkok, Jamaica, Norway, Sweden, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, several countries in Africa, Guam etc. It is amazing how the internet has helped get the Word out. But now I think I would like to publish the eBook properly as many folks have requested it. A few people, three I believe, wrote me and said they cried while reading the eBook. Some for joy and some for gladness that we will not suffer the wrath.

ksm: Do you consider yourself a full-time writer?

You: No. I run a business, too, to pay the bills although it is shrinking by the week. I am an optical cleansing technician by trade. In layman’s terms that is a window-washer! Well, I own a small window cleaning company. I have a couple of lads doing the work. But it has been a great business for me and my family and we own our house, which is a nice big one on its own land, and we have a cottage up a hill overlooking the Atlantic, on the west coast of Ireland. So God has provided for us amazingly as we returned to Dublin 25 years ago with no job, no money, no arse in my pants, a new baby and an old car that was being paid for on the ‘never, never.’ It is by the grace and mercy of God that we have prospered. For we have fallen by the way-side many times and led lives that were unworthy of being called Christian. But we have a forgiving Father and a big brother who paid for our sins. This is why I am so thankful.

ksm: Are you working on any new projects? Can you give us a short preview?

Patrick: I have recently read through the Gospels and I am extracting various verses and sections to sort of summarize them for a few folks I know who are seriously ill. I want to give them the Word to read in a shortened version that will help build their faith and perhaps help them get healed. It may also bring them to salvation as they are not yet Christians. I also need to go over my eBook and add some more material and prepare it for publishing. That’s what I am working at presently. I also did a 29 minute teaching to camera on the Return of the Antichrist which should be uploaded to YouTube by the time you receive this. So check it out and let me know what you think and forward it on to others if you feel so inclined.

ksm: Thank you, Patrick, that’s awesome. Are there related subjects you can suggest for individual study?

Patrick: There are a number of authors who write about the Nephilim. But most of them get into speculation regarding aliens in Roswell and tunnels under Colorado where the aliens are kept, or conspiracy theories regarding the government and their covert cooperation with satanic influences etc. But I am a meat and potatoes kind of person. Unless I can read something line by line in the Bible that makes perfect sense, then I am not that interested. I feel the most exciting truths are all in Scripture. And I try to keep my nose in there to see what secrets we might winkle out with the help of God. Chuck Missler is a great scholar who seems to stick to Scripture and he comes up with great studies and insights. Other than that I don’t know. There is a YouTube of me doing a talk in Nevada a couple of years back called The Return of the Nephilim. It has about 50 or so color power-point pictures and some video clips. It is pretty good and quite funny although some folks might think my jokes are a bit rude. But I’m Irish so you have to expect that. At least that’s my excuse.

ksm: LOL! How can fans find, follow and friend you?

Patrick: I spend too much time on the computer. So if I get into Facebook and Twitter, I will never see my family again. My website is quite basic and another man has kindly put up a page which is very good and has various interviews I did including the Nevada talk. Perhaps I should have a Facebook page, but I am a dinosaur on the pc and wrote my first three books longhand with pen and paper, even though we had two computers in the house. My girls still slag me about this as they were always trying to get me to use the technology. But it’s hard to put new wine into old bottles I guess!

ksm: Thanks, so much for visiting us and giving us such an in-depth look at your work. This has been an eye-opener. We appreciate your time and your research.

Patrick: Thanks a million Karen. I hope this blesses anyone who reads it.

Patrick Heron's Website

Dr. Heron's email
The Return of the Antichrist

YouTube of Dr. Heron on the Return of the Antichrist

YouTube of Dr. Heron on the Return of the Nephilim


  1. Hi Patrick, Here's some questions from a friend:

    Hi Patrick,

    I haven't read any of your books yet so I apologize if these questions are already answered in them.

    Do you think that the "holy grail" has anything to do genetically with the Antichrist?

    Could a nephilim be The Beast talked about in Revelations?

    Does nephilim control politics? If so, have they always since Adam and Eve fell from grace?

    Did Lucifer's angels hybrid with humans after the flood?



  2. Patrick

    I was awe struck at the idea of the “fallen ones” scattering out around the world. Being of Irish decent I particularly enjoy the idea of St Patrick driving these snakes out of Ireland.

    Have you ever looked at the dates of ancient constructions around the globe, and seen any pattern to their movements? Why they have moved about? Any relationship or reaction to Gods activities with Israel?


  3. Hi Dave, Patrick couldn't access our comments section so he emailed his answers which are posted here:

    Do you think that the "holy grail" has anything to do genetically with the Antichrist?

    PH: Hi Dave. I'm afraid I don't know anything about the Holy Grail. I just stick to Revelation and the Word.

    Could a nephilim be The Beast talked about in Revelations?

    PH: The Beast who ascends out of the Abyss having seven heads and ten horns is the Antichrist. And yes, he is a fallen angel or Nephilim. But you need to read the book. That's only the start of it.

    Does nephilim control politics? If so, have they always since Adam and Eve fell from grace?

    PH: The Devil is the god of this world. He runs the show. That's why he could offer it to Jesus in the temptation. I presume the 'princes of this world' are his right hand men.

    Did Lucifer's angels hybrid with humans after the flood?

    PH: Yes they did. It's all documented in the book. Those Nephilim from before the Flood are locked up in the Abyss. We are not told that the post-flood Nephilim are. So, I surmise, they may be still at large.

    Thanks, Dave & Patrick!

  4. Here are the answers to Paul's questions as well:

    Have you ever looked at the dates of ancient constructions around the globe, and seen any pattern to their movements? Why they have moved about? Any relationship or reaction to Gods activities with Israel?

    PH: I don't know if there is a relation with Israel, perhaps there is? But I reckon they lived in lands not yet discovered by humans who were still spreading accross Europe. I mean, when did Columbus discover the Americas? Around the mid 1500's I believe. So that gave them 1500 years to build those amazing buildings in central and south America. Experts say they were inhabited up to about four hundred years ago. So that kind of fits. Then they moved further away. Easter Island and Camdodia maybe. Don't know if this makes total sense or not.
    God bless,

    Thanks, guys! Very thought provoking! K.

  5. Wow! What a powerful interview. Patrick is absolutely spot on concerning the desensitization of our youth toward recognizing evil. This is the EXACT reason for my own series Seraphym Wars. I use actual news atrocities throughout the books to hopefully open young readers' eyes to what is happening in the world around them.

  6. Rebecca, I am so excited about the Seraphym Wars and I'm your editor, btw! :) It's wild what is going on in the world today. Patricks books have changed the way I think now, they are very enlightening.


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