Monday, December 28, 2009

One year closes another opens, freedom.....

When I think of all the doors in my life that have opened and shut, it's quite dizzying!  The best is to be true to self.  Many's the time I have acquiesced only to find if I'd followed my heart, things would have been fine. 

Here's to freedom.  I wish you freedom to do as your heart chooses.  Freedom to enjoy your dwelling place, freedom to change if you'd like.  May you find freedom in thought and deed of a life lived from the inside out, not laboring to please and appease. 

It is my firm belief that when we encounter the monsters in life, we also find the Hero behind them brandishing His Sword on our behalf - instead of being backed into the corner, we see we have come around the other side and working with Him have surrounded the enemy! 

Carry on!

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